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Top Five Strategies

Of Mindful Parents

You’re a dedicated parent who dreams of greater ease and connection for your family.

This parenting gig is SO much harder than you thought it would be!

You’re tired of shaming and punishments, and ready for more fun, cooperation and problem solving. And that’s where my strategies come in!!


Top Five Strategies of Mindful Parents

This 30min video features 5 of the most powerful tips from my online class: Mindful Parenting Revolution.

What's inside?

You’ll learn my top 5 mindful parenting strategies that parents rave about!

I’ll explain why, when, and how to use these tips, plus give some examples to make sure you feel confident implementing them!



The basics of mindful parenting and how to apply these short/sweet tips starting TODAY!


Discover unique ways to re-think your reoccurring parenting challenges and connect more deeply with your whole family.

Problem Solve

Change from reacting to responding carefully in stressful situations so that you can prevent escalation and create greater ease.

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Go from overwhelmed to connected...

Laura Testimonial
Kristine is a caring mentor with knowledge and experience to help with the biggest challenges. She taught us the resilience to handle setbacks and see the bigger picture during the hard times.


Amazing mom to 3 little ones.

Abbie testimonial
Kristine’s Mindful Parenting course got through to my mind and heart more than any other parenting advice I’d been given. I became more empowered about how to take responsibility, as a parent, for my emotions and how to role model self care during challenging moments.


Incredible mom to 2 little ones.

Kristine Petterson, sleep specialist and mindful parent educator

Sick of trying the same old tactics to get your kids to "behave"?

Try something new that's meant for your unique family.

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